Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving On

Well, the wheels in the mind turn in mysterious ways and I have now converted my 6 day Ride2Rhodes entry to the full event - 2200km from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl in June.

Somewhere deep in my subconscious, must be a desire to punish myself because the change in thought process caught me unaware and within the space of two days, everything had turned on its head.

David Waddilove was way too accommodating - he didn't give me a chance to change my mind. He converted my entry (probably with some glee) because he knew I would have to carry my own bike up Die Leer this time.

Doug - who had been wavering - gobbled his sushi and didn't blink first. Damn, I ran out of excuses.

Anyhow, I have now created a new blog to muse over this HUGE undertaking and you can find it at

Some exciting and scary times ahead.

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