Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Over halfway

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There's not much cycling or training of any sort at the moment for various reasons.  But whatever the lack in this department, I am gunning it with the NaNo novel.

Our local NaNo Liaison, Chris, organised a write in at the Melville Mugg and Bean and about 10 of us arrived, some with laptops and couple of diehards with paper and pen.

Glen, who has raced to 70 000 words as I write this arrived to help anyone stuck.  It was a strange afternoon with all of us ranging between absolute focus and picking up snippets of conversation from the others.  I set a target to write 3500 words in an hour and half.  Feeling fairly antisocial, I tapped away at the keyboard half listening to the goings on around me.

"How do I get two women to talk to each other," asked Chris.  Errr, you open their mouths, I thought but the other answers were far more ribald than that.

I hit my goal well within the time limits and it was a great feeling - it was the most I had written in one session.  Later that afternoon, the last of us packed up and it is at these times, you often get gems of information.

We were talking about writing and not thinking about it.  Chris summed it up best "We channel words".  He's so right.  I don't feel that I am making up the stuff as I go, more that the words are flowing through me.

So I am now more than halfway - yes, over the incredible 25 000 mark.  That particular angle of the story came to an end and I felt myself worrying about what would come next.

Sitting down at the computer, I forced myself to not think and to just write.  Over two thousand words flowed forth and the scenario appeared like magic.  So my main character is still alive and facing a huge challenge.  I can't wait to find out what happens.

The only bummer about this chapter was being 4 (FOUR) words short of 27 000.  And I couldn't find anywhere to slot some in.


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