Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The mountain biking adventures never end

Its been a good couple of weeks. I'm feeling a litle fitter but the wheels came off a bit this last weekend with very little exercise. Thats not strictly true. A couple of us rode in the Cradle of Mankind through some private farms (with permission). Its a far cry to see these areas again in the late summer. Last I rode here was autumn last year and the grass is currently thick and lush and overgrown. However, I did have to have a little nap later that afternoon.

But there are always compensations.

I'm typing this post sitting in the back of a Vito minibus on my way to the Drakensbeg.

Yup, its Tuesday and a work week. You can be jealous - I don't mind.

The shade of green may change when I say I am going to recce some new mountain bike spots! Oh yeah. A yet untapped area for all us knobbly tire enthusiasts. We're a group of 7 checking out various options. I don't have my bike this time. Pity. But the good news is that I will have to come back a few times, make that a lot more times.

Just to put the knife in a little deeper, after the 'berg, we head off to the KZN Midlands to check out another spot. What a job.

I'm looking forward to posting some pictures after our trip.

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