Monday, March 15, 2010

Perfect slang

Pirelliology n. the noble art of being able to identify tires from the tracks they leave on the ground (Mountainbikers Dictionary of Slang)

So there we were, riding across South Africa in the middle of winter on the Freedom Trail with a race route and set of instructions in hand. As a non stop race, riders were scattered all over the 2300km trail, some racing to the finish and others focused on just finishing.

Now, most people would see a tire track and say; "Oh look, lets follow those tire tracks and hope they are going in the right direction."

But not Gadget.

"Look, there is a Maxxis Igniter tread pattern. Thats what Marnitz rides. That means we're on track."  "There it is again, and again and again."

Several days later...

"And here we have a Kenda Small Block 8 which is Fiona's tire - let me take a photo of it to show her."

Gadget - the consumate Pirelliologist.

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