Saturday, April 3, 2010

Aasvoelberg rocks

We missed out on the Aasvoelberg portage due to weather during the race and man, I was glad to see what is was all about. First off, its mostly rideable - uphill. The downhill is gnarly and adrenalin pumping. Some white knuckle moments. The tandem was incredible coping better than us on the rocky and very steep jeep track descent. At the bottom, we are all grinning like lunatics and this moment was rounded off by coffee and rusks at the Magdala farmhouse.

I was feeling great despite the pumping headwind and we crested a small climb to be faced with the huge expanse of the Karoo. But first there was another wicked pass to descend. We gradually picked up speed and hauled the last 35km stopping only for a brief coke stop when we met up with our vehicle. It was a reunion with the local coffee and pie shop although in much warmer conditions than the last time. We're now ensconced in the Karoobos B&B and the stories of the trail fly thick and fast. The day was 88km and a brilliant mix of terrain, views and hospitality.

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