Thursday, April 1, 2010

High Tech not!

Not only have I driven through Hofmeyer (near Molteno) 100 times but I have a map book. The boys have the GPS. First they couldn't find Molteno on the GPS and now they can't find the N1 highway. The route is Jhb to Bloem then Gariep dam to Steynsburg and finally Molteno. For some inexplicable reason they decided to follow the GPS and we are now on a dirt road looking for town called Excelsior. Our speed is 75km/h instead of 130k/h and it is quite silent in the car. We looked at the non technology direction finder - the map book - and saw we were closer to Maseru (Lesotho) than our destination. How these two got to Cape Town in last year's Freedom Challenge is a mystery. Oh yes, they didn't have a GPS, only maps!
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