Monday, July 12, 2010

There's a hole in my mojo, dear Sepp.

Now what.

The joy and the happiness of the past month has no focus anymore.

The World Cup has come to an end (with a bit of a whimper with a grumpy final) and we all woke up this morning missing something. The volunteers and members of the various organising groups will feel it most of all. Billboards are already coming down and the cars are not festooned with flags or mirror covers and the winter suddenly seems drab again.

And, it was a rest day on the Tour de France. Must be why I got through some work today and am finally managing to type this.

I guess the feeling now is akin to a proud medical team who witnessed the gestation and birth of a very large baby and now we can stand back as the baby leaves these shores, secure in the knowledge of a job well done. And we did all play a part. We may not have personally organised a single aspect of the Cup but we supported, cheered, laughed, groaned and forgot our woes for four glorious weeks.

Coincidentally, the last riders in the Freedom Challenge have also finished, all with war stories and memories to last a lifetime. I'm going to be creating new memories in my cycling life come September and I look forward to sharing these with you as they unfold.

But for now - Viva Mzansi!

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