Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're in Kaapsehoop

Its day four and we are more than halfway already.  Today was once again something different. 

We started off with some climbing but all great gradients with plenty of recovery. When we eventually dropped down through avo orchards to one of the tar roads, we had a quick refill and snack with the vehicles before heading towards and through Schagen.  What a beautiful valley - over the last three days, we had moved from barren scrub to grasslands, plantations and now it was orchards and groves of avos and macadamia nuts.

We crossed over the N4 and began a 22km climb up to Kaapsehoop.  Luckily the gradient was only steep at the beginning and a bit rough but it smooth out and we were able to maintain a nice cadence. It was pretty hot though when we left the trees and once on top, it was quick to the picturesque town with its old mining houses.

The day was rounded off with pancakes and waffles and we are now ensconced in the Backpackers Lodge.  Actually, I am ensconced in the pub next door typing this with a beer shandy at hand.

The Life as she is supposed to be lived.

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