Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day Minus One

I am sitting on the deck of the Look Out Hotel in Plettenberg Bay, setting up this blog and admiring the most stunning view. Ahead lies a few days of "torture" especially as I have now seen Malcolm's first couple of days riding based on the 2007 Absa Cape Epic (thanks Leon Evans) and not a few mountain passes.
I was hoping to ride myself fit before these, but that was wishful thinking over the Christmas Season. Malcolm and I drove down yesterday from Johannesburg (12 hours) which is usually reasonable. But M is not reasonable and he had driven from the Eastern Cape to Jo'burg the day before reaching home at 8 at night.
He was packed and ready to leave by midnight and we departed at 6. Oh dear, another maniac to contend with.
Billy (the Kid as he is the youngest in the party) flies to PE today and is planning to hitch down to Plett....what was I thinking when I hooked up with these two. Billy is superbly fit and may find us two a little tedious to ride with! But the wheel turns (pardon the pun) and I am sure we can find ways to challenge him (a tow up the Swartberg Pass comes to mind!).
We'll keep the blog updated for all of you at home and back in the office - you may be envious but there will be times when you will know that we are quite mad.


  1. Hey guys,

    Just a quick howzit to wish you for your trip. I hope you have a fantastic time.

    Fi, please make sure you bring my riding partner, Mr Downhill Dods, back in 1 piece...



  2. Hey Fi, Mr Dodds & The Kid,

    Sounds like a blast you guys are about to embark on! Keep the blog updated as I will be follwing it from out here in the desert!

    Don't you guys have any work to do ... or something like that!

    Mark (of Arabia)

  3. Hi Guys

    I wish I was there, have a ball and don't forget to look at the scenery.


  4. Hey there Fi!

    What can I say, we're living vicariously through you guys (as we toil away in our other lives) so you'd better make it brilliant! No pressure!!

    Oh, and don't forget that sunblock!! (Yes, this is your mother speaking) You'll thank me one day - tsk tsk!


  5. Hi Guys,
    Glad to hear that your day started off on time without any hassles. Spoke to Billy a while ago and he told me that you're in Uniondale tonight. Groovy! Have a fabulous time & take piccies, please.
    Billy the Kid, I'll miss you, cutie.