Friday, January 9, 2009

Prince Albert - Part Two

A good night's rest does wonders for the psyche and we all enjoyed the lie in at Volstruisvlei. Breakfast was at the Lazy Lizard and everyone dug into bacon, eggs, toast, juice, coffee - the works. It started off cooler than previous days and we enjoyed the respite.

My legs certainly felt a whole lot better having had a massage and this evening will be the big test with the climb back up the Swartberg Pass.

The group is splitting at this point and the boys will drive back to Oudtshoorn to Calitzdorp and then ride from there up the Seweweekspoort. We'll meet at the top under the big tree. Clearly, there aren't many big trees here as the locals are convinced we won 't miss each other.

I, on the other hand, set off tonight on the big moonlight adventure. David Waddilove - the founder of the Freedom Challenge - joins us along with Steve and Di Thomas of Daytrippers, and ex-south african couple now living in Aus (Marius and Audrey), Steve Porter - another single speed freak, families and friends and all led by the indomitable Johann Rissik.

We meet at Dennehof hotel for pasta and around about 9pm, we head off up the mountain. I can't wait! The big benefit of riding at night is the hills don't loom that large and I hope to find the climb less intimidating. The group spirit is one of adventure and cameraderie so I am sure we will egg each other on. Already, there is discussion about handicap systems, points systems and all sorts of ideas to level the palying fields.

Two vehicles will go ahead into Die Hel and they have the skottel and all the paraphernalia to make sure we have a sumptious breakfast when we arrive in the valley. Steve Porter has already spent two nights there and says it is hugely hot! So what's new in this area.

At about 2pm on the arvy, David and Johann have offered to ride with me to Die Leer and walk up (maybe they'll carry my bike for me???) until the jeep track. Then I head off to meet up with others at 5pm under the tree - about 25km. Then we ride another 55km to Rouxpos to stay at the farmhouse of Gerhard and Ronel.

Unfortunately, there is no cell reception until Montagu so this blog will "pause" until then. I hope to have lots to tell you about the next three days.

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  1. Hey Fi,

    Its been awesome to log on each day out here in the middle of nowhere & read your blog & see the pics ... well done on your effort with this blog & well done on this adventure you guys are doing ... it looks awesome! Hang in there & keep those legs turning!!!1

    Mark (of Arabia)