Monday, January 5, 2009

Minus 8 hours

The Kid eventually arrived safely at about 16:00 courtesy of some kind drivers between PE and Plett. He did wait for his second lift for 2.15 hours outside Jeffreys Bay! He still doesn't admit that it was the shirt off that finally did it for him.
The afternoon was spent doing admin cos the Headmaster Dods insisted that we leave at 5 in the morning. By now I was imagining all sorts of aches and pains and was convinced I was getting sick.
But two delicious cocktails and sunset at Emily Moon (a beaut lodge overlooking the Bitou River) soon dispelled all those myths - all was right with the world again.
Vanessa stuffed us with roast lamb, roast pork and roast potatoes. This was followed by fruit salad, ice cream, apple tart, some apple danish thing till we were like ticks - yay for carbo loading.
So it was off to bed with alarms set for 4.30 - urgh!
The journey was about to begin.

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