Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winding Down

The year is grinding out its last few days. After the Sabie Experience mountain bike stage race, I hoped to hop back on the bike and use my brand new trail shoes for the second time. No such luck.

I went down with a cold (I refuse to consider anything close to flu) and simply had no energy to do anything. Several afternoon naps later, I have started to feel like I can move around without dragging myself.

I can even face the piles of paperwork that accompany the wrapping up of a major race.  And for a change, I am ahead of the game with my Christmas shopping. Usually it is a last minute scramble when I return from Sabie.

So all in all, the year is winding down comfortably for me and I hope for you too. I am starting to feel excited about riding properly again and setting some goals. I am also looking a some trail running goals (if only my brother would play ball and commit!).

So 2010 looks to be a bit different, not only because we're hosting the World Cup (soccer for all of you fixated on only your sport) but I think I will have some new experiences to savour and record.

Whether it is shining or snowing on your head, I hope you celebrate this Festive Season in a manner that is meaningful for you.

(Picture courtesy of Action Photo)

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