Monday, January 11, 2010

Another decade - where does it go?

So it's 2010. Here in South Africa, it's an important year for all of us as we host the Fifa World Cup. The cynics amongst us think it will be a disaster whilst the optimists are buying tickets so they can say "We were there!"

Having been to Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final amongst other events, I've been there and they are memories to cherish. It sets one apart to be experience a huge and rare occurrence. So I'm buying my ticket - are you?

But those are details for mid year. This year started with Fat Boy camping. Instead of monumental hiking with large packs for days on the top of the Drakensberg escarpment, we opted to take the large tent, the gazebo, the camping chairs, the cooler boxes, lots of G&T and blow up mattresses. Luxuries indeed. Injasuti is a stunning location at the base of some challenging passes but we were there to admire from the base and stretch our legs on leisurely walks.

Now you would think that such a location brings peace and quiet into one's soul and it is a god given opportunity to reflect on the year that's been and to anticipate the next. Damn the raucous students who partied until all hours.  I'm surprised their car tires didn't rupture and their tents collapse under the strength of the negative vibes from every one else in the camp.

At least the morning was quiet as they slept off their hangovers and I know I wasn't the only one looking daggers at them when they staggered around the next day. Most of them left that day leaving us with space and quiet with which to contemplate some serious mountains.

On the last day, I summoned some energy to do a trail run with my as yet, untried trail shoes. The Myth and I decided to do a 6,5k run/hike to the top of the closest ridge. Off we went and it felt good. Climbing up a short mound, we came across a majestic eland which sauntered off as we approached. Turning right at the junction, we came around a corner and there was a herd of about 50 of the beasts. Magnificent.

A crawl up a steep ravine through a beautiful indigenous forest brought us to the summit welcomed by the call of a red chested cuckoo (or "piet my vrou" in local lingo). A quick jog down, pack up of tent and a final swim in the Injasuti River ended a very relaxed welcome to the new year.

I think I might find some mojo in trail running. We shall see.

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