Friday, February 12, 2010

I can't help myself

I was getting into the Monday blog post groove quite nicely but I've had such a cool two weeks of getting back into my personal "happy space" that I had to share.

You know when something is missing and you want it back but you don't know where to look. Plus, you don't have the energy to look either. I felt like that about my exercise regime. And my scale was feeling the love as well. But all of sudden, The Crazy Switch seems to have kicked in. (Thanks again Josh)

That elusive mojo seems to be back but without a specific goal just yet. And I'm loving being back in the exercise pond. The running is picking up nicely with a two minute improvement in my time trial time (boast, boast and thumping of chest). The dodgy calves are settled at the moment thanks to some intense massage and a bit of chiro tweaking. Leen-pie, running partner and friend, is hellbent on her Comrades mission so I have to hang in there. The ego doesn't like being left behind.

I'm only riding the road bike and its great to have a different vibe, different scenery, easier riding (those skinny wheels are just great for improved momentum). The 100km I did last week was ridiculously easy. I didn't even have to have a little lie down afterwards. So, its no wonder the world is shiny and bright and I am living in the moment.

This Valentine's weekend, the dust is coming off the mountain bike. Not sure if I'm ready to feel this lurve but we'll see. I'll take my trail shoes in case. The sad thing is that I had to buy my own chocolates. Myth...are you reading this?

Spoil yourself this weekend - I am.

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