Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rookie Rider 101 - Part Two

The How To Guide continued:

  • Wait all day for replacement bike to arrive.
  • Swop to replacement bike which is smaller
  • Finally load luggage on back of bikes and backs of riders
  • Prepare to depart.
  • Quell nervous tension at pulling away in four lanes of traffic around a small circle.
  • Chicken out and ask @onegiantride to take bike to other side for a downhill start.
  • Negotiate Tana rush hour traffic again and navigate out the city on the road to Antsirabe 180km away. (Ambitious!)
  • Ride into the dark again.
  • Forget to extract warm kit and borrow from @onegiantride
  • Four kms further on spot hotel and pull in. (Being sensible???!)

Check in.
Eat three course meal for about R72

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