Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rookie Rider - Graduation

The last day of off road riding looms

  • By now the route is familiar and confidence is on the upswing
  • Opt for some single track only to find it heads off on the wrong line
  • Smile and wave at bemused locals
  • Retrace steps - @onegiantride is now in front but doesn't know i,t having wiped out on wet grass
  • Wait at boulder in river crossing.
  • Try phoning - yes there's signal.
  • @onegiantride is on top of mountain waiting.
  • Ride boulder in river crossing and do a mental fist pump
  • Ride single track to top of mountain and find it suddenly easier than two days before.

  • Start to feel good after hectic day before.
  • Ride single track to bog patch - opt to head out on foot.
  • @onegiantride continues on bike
  • Decide after 400m that walking is montrously inefficient
  • Walk back, study bog and pick a line.
  • Have hand gesture discussion with old man herding one zebu and realise a better path lies on top of ridge.
  • Cross safely over bog and resume path
  • Reach gully and opt to ride straight up mountain through veld onto top path.
  • Feeling pleased with self - another mental fist pump
  • Ride single track along ridge until path goes up over boulders - go around until reach saddle and decide that's far enough.
  • Decide to retrace path to to split and wait for @onegiantride
  • Bike falls down the slope because foot can't reach the ground.
  • Land on already bruised shins.
  • Make like The Hulk to lift bike.

  • Retrace path and opt to go around boulder choke point on path
  • Return to path and bounce right over and land on bruised shins again
  • Bike is now lying face down.
  • Drag front wheel straight.
  • Remember to hold front brake and attempt to lift
  • Try again
  • Try again
  • Eventually do monumental leg press and get bike upright.
  • Return to saddle, park and rest under some trees
  • Patch shins
  • Wait for @onegiantride

  • Reunited - ride single track back to jeep track
  • Head for home
  • Ride boulder in river crossing  the other way but too tired to fist pump
  • Ride home warily
  • Lie down
  • Off road is over and face two more days of tar riding back to Tana.

Moral: If you bite off more than you can chew - swallow the damn thing whole.

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