Friday, October 12, 2012

Rookie Rider 202

The saga continues:

  • Drag weary body onto bike and head back on same route.
  • Find the technical going much easier especially uphill
  • Pass the turnaround point of yesterday in double quick time
  • Cruise along a strong jeep track in the middle of nowhere
  • Could this possibly be enjoyable?

  • Stop for lunch and wave at astonished 8 ton wood trucks as they strain past
  • Experience decent river crossings and panoramic views
  • Start concentrating when the rice paddies start

  • Ride over bridges of logs plastered together with clay and hope wheel doesn't enter gaps
  • Ride two log bridges over water canals
  • Ride over canals (best do this this without thinking)
  • Climb to the top of the mountain and feel sorry for mountain bikers
  • Descend awesome tracks off mountain into pine forests
  • Avoid massive mud puddles and aim for the narrowest footpath to get around
  • Mountain bike skills RULE

  • Decide to ride district road back to town
  • Provide entertainment for locals when falling into ditch and pinned by bike (note: make sure the bike leans onto the kick stand)
  • Limp to cafe for comfort coke (warm)
  • Proceed to ride the gnarliest most technical road that could ever be called "district"
  • Watch the smoke and flames of the tavy (slash and burn) carefully as you power through
  • Stop every 10kms to rest bum - no one tells you that you chafe worse than cycling

  • Stop at village for tea or should that be tea with my sugar (and flies)
  • Admire the fruit trees in blossom
  • Admire potholes that should be called bomb craters (bikes disappear in them)
  • Ride clay wave trains from the rainy season
  • Pummel body some more with broken cobble sections
  • Stop for comfort chocolate

  • Focus on getting back before dark.
  • Ignore bum
  • Concentrate
  • Ease through traffic in dusk
  • Arrive back at hotel
  • 150km of hammering - decide whether this is getting enjoyable
  • Whimper while waiting for ice for foot.
  • Throw down dinner
  • Sleep

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