Monday, October 15, 2012

Rookie Rider 202 - Back on dirt

The saga and bruises continue:
  • Experience the typical day three blues - second guessing the bike and losing rhythm
  • Experience more nerves than in Tana traffic - scratch that, different nerves
  • Head out to see if we can match up with track from two days before
  • Start on tar up and down three passes before turning onto a good dirt road at Sandrandahy.
  • Carefully pass biggest herd of zebu - note that mudguards prevent dung from landing on your back
  • Follow preplanned google earth route and run out of road in a village
  • Do a u-turn next to a canal and force images of falling in from mind
  • Notice snake crossing road
  • Local women have a smattering of french and between us we figure no go for motorbikes
  • Retrace steps and try alternative - discover how to maintain momentum in soft sand
  • Miss sharp turn and end up in someones front yard - wave politely
  • Experience the looong moment between the wheel sliding out and the throttle catching
  • Remember to breathe
  • Bounce around a lot but force a way through the grass

  • Third attempt at a route
  • Gain confidence on the jeep track - apply lots of self talk
  • Avoid river crossing with just boulders as bridge and get @onegiantride to cross it for you
  • Ride up narrow spine and boulder alley to see a view to die for
  • Follow good track - act surprised when it runs out in the middle of nowhere
  • Backtrack and find that doing a section is easier second time around.
  • Reach bottom of hill and turn around for the third time - go back up to look at single track
  • @onegiantride rides single track but rather choose to bundu bash through forest following one set of wide tire tracks.
  • Follow tire tracks until they run out on the top of a mountain - again
  • Spot single track winding away along crest of ridge - wish for mountain bike
  • Attempt to ride rutted single track, bounce some more
  • Reach jeep track for the fourth time and head for home

Suddenly its been three days off roading on motorbikes.....
No additional bruises this trip

Pass Go and graduate to 303.

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