Friday, October 9, 2009

And for something different

I am running my first 10k road race in a year.  In fact, this same event was the last event I ran other than an aborted effort when I was battling with my calves earlier this year.

The Spar Ladies 10k is a festival for women - runners, walkers, elite athletes and your average joe - or should that be Joan.  I'm looking forward to it - a different energy and culture.  The 11 year old will also be doing the 5k with her aunt - gonna be quite an experience for her.  Certainly, she has done some things in the last three months, she would never have done otherwise.  Good for her!

Aileen (Her Blog) is my regular running partner and since introducing Chi Running to her style, she has taken off and I am sprinting to keep up - Go you good thing with a PB this Sunday for sure!  Vivette - another novice runner - is about to tackle the 10k for the first time.

What a great way to celebrate being alive - doing things that challenge and stretch us further than we ever thought.

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