Friday, October 23, 2009


Mmmm - I love it when someone else takes the time and effort to make things happen and I can just pitch up.  Guy, founder of the new Hilltribe cycling club, sent out a mail this week for a Wednesday Wind Down.

What a great opportunity to double my riding for the week! (Embarrassing admission that).  I was so going to be there and Doug decided to join and Derek spat bricks because he was in the throes of budgets.

I rode part of the way there to avoid the traffic hooking up with Doug.  Luckily.  My bike was unhappy and eventually we figured a cable was loose from its moorings.  Guy has a garage full of different sizes.  He says its so he can lend new people a bike that fits them.  Crazy. In his place, I would keep all the bikes for myself - a different colour for every mood.

Les, Oh Les.  He claims that all his kit has shrunk.  Yeah right!  But this Les is in charge of one of the big brand motor vehicle advanced driving schools.  He should ace mountain biking. But I think he fell off.  Well, that's what I assume when I heard the horrible phrase: "Are you alright?".

By this time, I had arbitrarily taken over the route and was leading the charge down the single track.  Sorry Guy, I just can't help myself.  30km later and settling darkness saw me back at the car, happy, upbeat and booking off Wednesday Wind Downs for the next eon.

PS I gotta learn to minimise the camera shake...ride slower, girl, ride slower.

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