Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uh Oh Need some focus

The end of October is the annual pre ride for the four day mountain bike stage - The Sabie Experience.  I always ride the three long days of the race at this time as come the race, I am too busy running around on logistics.  (I am the race organiser, you see).

This way, I can relate to the sufferfest that happens in the bodies taking part.  Last year, I was dry while driving the TV crew - the riders...they got very, very wet!  But I digress.

I have about 3 weeks to get into some shape for the mountains of Sabie and mountains they are.  Last year, I was pretty fit for the three days but this year, well, I will have to rely on my running (fat lot of good unless I am pushing my bike!).

But good for Gadget.  He has been pushing us to ride on the weekends or perhaps I should now call him Badger for badgering us. We are doing an expedition from Fourways to ride the trail at Teak Place in the Cradle of Mankind.  He promises LARGE rock shandies for afterwards.  So I will ride with a smile on my face and a goal in mind.

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