Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello, Hi, Grunt, howsit...

What's your language - if you have one?  I'm referring to how we greet fellow cyclists (or runners).  It seems to be an ongoing source of irritation or opportunity to flame road riders or each other. Even more so when one comes across riders who feel entitlement - entitled to the track, entitled to push past, entitled to curse if you are in their way, entitled to being the biggest asswipes too!

I really do make an effort but I know there are times when I am watching the wheel in front and can't look around much less raise my head and smile or say hello.  That feeble flap of the fingers is all you're going to get.  Hey but the intent is there.  Conversely, when sending it down a rocky mountain, you'll more likely get a squeak but the white knuckles mean no waving, not a hand nor a single digit.

I'm also known to stop completely to talk to other riders with much eye rolling from my companions.  Hey, can I help it that I know so many people??  We seem to live in isolation behind high walls, locked in office buildings and we seem to have lost the art of connection.

All the experts talk about the connection economy and how relationships have become the new best business tool.  So greet your fellow rider, greet the pedestrians, show a little courtesy to the people around you.  You never know, it may be the most valuable greeting you have ever given or received.


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