Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obsessions with numbers

I found myself doing it again on my longer run this weekend past.  Obsessing about 300 - that's what I was short. 3.0.0.metres of tar still needed to hit the round figure of 15km.

I don't understand why we can't let the figures go.  15km sounds much better than 14.7km but does it really matter.  Runners line up in the droves for a marathon, frantically pressing buttons on their watch as they start and practically tripping over the finish mats trying to press buttons when they finish.

Now if you are world class, seconds may make a difference.  But you and I?  We still focus on the numbers.  Even on the odd road ride, I get home and it is 69.6km and I round it up to 70km but feel guilty.  I didn't quite make the mark and it feels wrong to claim a higher number.

For a while, I ran with only a cheap and nasty stopwatch.  Most of the time, I couldn't figure how to stop/start it when I paused at an intersection so the overall time didn't matter.  It was pretty liberating.  There were times when I had no watch at all.  But as I have run more, I am filling in the distances, times, average speeds and all the clutter.

I think I must find the courage to ride myself of gadgets - speedometers, gps, watches and just run or ride. 

If I can do it, can you?

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